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ARTJOG 2018 and Favorite Artwork

(this post was written in May, so many things happened after it's written. I posted this one so that I could reminisce the memory from the trip to ARTJOG)

Recently I haven't been myself. So, I planned a quick trip to Yogyakarta with my friend, Fitri. Turned it was our last trip for some time because she's moving to other city two days later.

Yogyakarta is the city if you want some nostalgic and Javanese culture experience. Eventhough you only gone there once, there's this magic that binds you to go back there again and again.

The reason I picked Yogyakarta to visit is not because of the Waisak, big day for Buddhist. I know there are tons of tourists, local or foreign, choose Yogyakarta because there's gonna be big occasion held in Borobudur at that day. I think that it would be too crowded and the show start at night while I only have time from morning to afternoon. I visited Artjog 2018.

ARTJOG is an art experience that provides a melting pot for new ideas and thoughts in art. It's been 10 years since the first gig (from 2008). Indonesia begins to shift into more 'artsy' because of the edgy background for lovely instagrammers, started with the social influencers. For me, the first time I was interested in exhibition (not necessary art) was when I visited Keraton Solo and walked in through several rooms. I remember I went back to the house I stayed in, my heart was full.

The fact that so many people flock in to Artjog is amazing but there's one time that it got me. Fitri and I were talking about this piece and some high-schooler pointed DSLR camera into the art and said, 'Misi mbak, bisa minggir dikit?' or 'Could you move a side a bit?'. That was just harsh. We were just there and discussed about the art installation and then some girl younger than us for maybe 10 year wanted to take picture, so she scolded us who stood there?

What if I told you that you COULD have waited until we're finished, then you COULD take picture as much as you can AFTER?

ARTJOG is located at Jogja National Museum in Gampingan, Jogjakarta. We took TRANSJogja to Malioboro and walked to the venue. It is probably 3-4 KM. Yes, we walked. There's no glaring sunlight, the weather was great that morning. We surfed along KH Ahmad Dahlan street while talking. As usual, Google Maps were necessary.

The HTM was 50k. For me, it was worth it. Since I like to wander around and discussed every each of installation. The quirk of it, the color schemes, the ambiance, the atmosphere, the goosebumps it gave me when I stepped inside the room, and everything. It is essential for me to take someone who appreciate art if not equally, at least they have appreciation towards what I love in. If not, I'd better to go by myself.

Heri Pemad of Heri Pemad Art Management, the event’s organizer, said this year’s ARTJOG was indeed different from previous ones, especially in terms of appearance and curatorial concept. (source)

There are 3 floors with variety of medium with one theme: “Enlightenment: Towards Various Futures”. I was totally amateur and everything excited me. My heart fell to one installation where there were a lot of photo and conversation in frames. It was artwork by Davy Linggar X Tulus. I searched out about Davy Linggar, the google engine showed me that Davy Linggar also the director of Tulus latest video, Langit Abu-abu, which I 'super' liked!!!! What a surprised! I went to youtube and spoiled the reply button to play the video.

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