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Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park

Contemplating over everything like always but this time im gonna write about this little escape I had last March. Teehee. 

dorky pic of me

I was initially to stay home when we had a day off on the last Friday of March. Being a home fairy (the term for someone who stays home so much), I began to think I need holiday! So, I asked my friend, Fitri, if she wanted to go somewhere. After exchanging ideas, we agreed to go to Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park. Moreover, nature recharge is the best recharge of all. If you're tired of daily routine, go see nature. If you wish for a weekend escape, go seek nature!

i was on the passenger seat taking this, hence the blur

trying be fierce but nah

If anyone ask what I would choose between beach vs mountain, well, I would take the current weather as the reference. If it's cold, I would answer beach. If the weather is warmer, I would answer mountain.

I've never been to mountain though. The mountain I mean here is hill. I've been to Gedongsongo (Bandungan), Sikunir (Dieng), Taman Nasional Kaliurang KM 0, and many more. It's nice to have an exchange for the hot weather in Semarang. 

Okay, so, Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park it is!

the famous spot for picture, not for me tho

They have variety of outbonds for children to adult age. Not to mention, they also have camping sites for family troops or group of friends.

It takes 1-1,5 hrs to get there from my place, Semarang. I am glad that Fitri knows the road and the exact place so it's not a hassle. If you guys don't know, it is located in Jl. Raya Kopeng, Batur, Getasan, Semarang, Jawa Tengah. You need to go straight to Pasar Kopeng and then there's this billboard to locate Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park.
The road inside is a bit steep and narrow. You can hardly put two cars side by side there. But don't worry, the employees will cooporate to avoid road jam. 

Fitri brought a broken camera, we couldn't even use it

For I bring motorcycle with a friend, we need to pay 25k each and 5k for the vehicle. I'd say it's a moderate cost for the private adventure park (means not owned by the government). It's a wise decision because not everyone want to to do outbonds. I go there not for outbonds, we initially don't know what's in there and we just want to enjoy the pine tree landscape. I am immensely satisfied with the view. According to the site tripyuk, this Treetop Adventure Park is one of adventure parks that has been built all over the world. 

And then if you want to do outbonds, you need to pay extra: (125k for children and 180k for adult). Or if you come with your family, they offer a full package consist of 2 adults and 2 children for 430k.

the 'it' spot for instagram

They also have restaurant, they serve both Indonesian and Western cuisine. But sadly, I don't get to try because the limit of time. The restaurant is up at the background of the pic above. Like a tree house, it's so pretty. 

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