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Art in Everything I See

____________ Art is what you make it

Ever since I got my first mobile phone with camera, I fell in love with capturing everything with it. Be it an alley, a person, a troop of people, etc.

I feel the thirst to find an object to capture. Since I am prone to narsistic trait, I seldom take a picture of myself, moreover upload it online. I am not kidding! I do take one or fifty selfie but none of it made it to any of social platform of mine.

I shouldn't be defensive about this, I know. When you open an account, what you post or write there is totally up to you, and if anyone say bad things, don't mind them. Maybe they're just jealous or try to infect you with bad vibes.

riverside (banjirkanal barat semarang)

Photography is always be a hobby of mine. I never have a real camera though. I hope soon!
I am pretty confident about what I capture, mostly people and pretty background. Or maybe coffee mug or cute animals. Later I want to compile photography concept into a note and make it real.

cafe mocha

Capturing moments is not just capturing memories but also show other people that you care about the landscape you capture, the food or the person you take picture of, or a street that is nostalgic to you. I'm sad when someone said: oh you take too many pictures already, live the moment!

I do live the moment by capturing them. I can show other people about this amazing place or pretty coffee and cakes. It's not about myself, it's far more than that.

No matter how mediocre the object is, if you can capture it with different angle or perspectives, it is art. Art is anything that can make you feel things.

Apart from video on youtube, I make my personal instagram for amazing pictures.

Lately I am keen to seek for analog camera on carousell but havent made up my mind yet. Analog camera gives a sense of smell to your picture. Smell? Um, maybe atmosphere? That's why I always edit my picture on vsco cam before I upload it. It adds a certain feels into the photo. I use A6 (analog) or G3 (portrait).

banjirkanal timur

citraelo rafting

punthuk situmbuh

The pictures above are all raw copies, I don't put filter for any of them. It's purely taken by my phone, Huawei Honor 4C. 

binge on photography video here

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- mengatakan...

wooooh. ijin buat wallpaper yak yg foto cafe mocha. pas banget hujan diluarnya. feel nya dapet wkwk

Dzikrina Anggie mengatakan...

Oke sip. Ku senang ada yang mengapresiasi fotoku ^^