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Mid-Year Update

Hello, August~~

I haven't started any projects on my to-do list, except this one. I opened Youtube account *confetti shot in the air*.

Normally, I don't watch vlogs for the sake of killing time because they usually talk mostly about themselves. Hahaha, listen to me first. I know vlog is all about the person themselves. They put up their videos talking about what excites them, what makes them happy or sad, something like that. And it's rare to find the vlog that I enjoy. Strangely, youtube recommend CatCreature video. It was there on my youtube dashboard and I thought to myself okay, I'd take a look. I didn't immediately get hooked but it took several vids of her.
Then I asked myself: why I bother?
Her videos were all interesting to me. She can be silly, immensely genius (she made tons of artwork that blew my mind), and appear humble. Then, I came across Conan Gray, it took several videos too to get hooked. He has this Babble & Bake corner on his vlog and I'm interested. Because he's not afraid putting his perspective out there (unlike me) and he's also genius (he made songs and got me thinking, the lyric were all amazing).

Amazing artworks, self-composed songs, and open minded people? That's my kind of thing. And both of them kill it!

And I think to myself, what can I explore from me? I am (a little) proud of the way I capture landscape/view. And I want to leave trace in my present time, which soon will be in the past, for me to see in the future. Like, some kind of project that records myself in certain era, for me, in my 20s. It seems like I am too timid and I never get the courage to do anything outside my bubble. Apart from the reason that I'm always broke, and also I'm shy of what people might think about me. 

But like Poppy said,

(if you have not checked her channel, you should!) Poppy is my guilty pleasure. She might be a bit eccentric but she gives life lesson like no other.

My aesthetic is nature and wide landscape. I do sometimes upload it on my instagram here  and also on vsco feed.

My latest video is my short clip on Waduk Jatibarang, Gunung Pati.

You can check it here

I have 2 new videos waiting to be edited~~~

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