Book Review: The Book of Forbidden Feelings by Lala Bohang

Lala Bohang just released the second book but I only read the first one. Yet.

Someone asked me if the book was about love story, unrequited one or something like that. I said no way. It was much more deep and personal than that.
I actually cannot read poetry book that is too cliche. I read the three books of Lang Leav. Eventhough I finished it all but I just skimmed it and decided that was not my cup of tea.
What about this one by Lala Bohang?
The content touches so many kinds of personal feelings. I like this one (this made me buy the book after reading this).

Can you stop being so basic?

It's not uncommon that we, now generation, copy paste someone's style into our own. I understand. But seeing the similar style or vibe in wide spread of people, it's just... making me cringe. Like, you're born to be different but do you try to blend and be the same like others? Basic for me is the term that I'd use to refer to the people who follow the majority of society do or make, because it's just how it's supposed to be (according to the majority of society).
We're born differently, why blending in? As long as you don't do any harm or violate other people, why don't you do it? Why bother to cover your stripes and use matching colors as everyone? Then, when someone is brave enough to wear their stripes, society bash them because 'it's just wrong' or 'that is not our style, where are you from? just go back to where you're from, we don't acknowledge you here'.
That is just sad.

Consist of monochrome color and black pages here and there; sometimes, inner feelings can be projected into a book, with complete with dark color and bitter tastes in the tongue.
Lala Bohang's sketches in this book is too good to be true. She drops her talent into the pages, she bleeds her inner demon onto these papers. Her style, preference, and imagination blends into one. Seeing that she released the second book of this installment, I have to say it's a success!!

Since this book compiles of forbidden feelings, I think you'll find your inner demon in this book. It would make a great weekend read.

Blackbear cover by Manu Rios - Idfc
Salt paper - Satellite
Bruno Mars - Grenade
Frank Ocean - Ivy

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