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Talking and Reading

Taking english lesson in my high school year was interesting. I am not much of a talker but I kinda like me talking in english /insert giggling sound/.
One time after binge watching Sherlock Holmes series by BBC, I found myself talking in their accent. Like you guys do in your free time, I spent the rest of the day talking to myself in British accent.
Then, last weekend before I munched on my late lunch, I quickly took video of me talking gibberish. One of the reason I set up youtube account is for me to be able to express myself and talk more.

And I am currently falling for vintage filter so... Yeah, I edited the video using FilmoraGo. This application is easy to use and I really love the feature inside, especially the one involving credit/title. FilmoraGo offers cute credit/title for your video. 

As you can see below.

(I kinda suck editing thumbnails, I don't bother to edit it. Maybe some time in the future)

Anyway, I am currently reading Girl in The Dark by Anna Lyndsey. It is about a girl who spends her days holing up in the dark. She even shuts every windows and doors, then make sure not a single ray of sun light comes in. I want to know about her character and find out the reason why she lives in the dark.

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