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How to Not Spending Mindlessly When Shopping

The way we spend money nowadays is increasingly alarming.

I just found out that my cousin even bravely bought 700k album by herself. It's totally big money for her, considering she's just in junior high school and I'm sure she needs those money for other things. But she did it.
The fact that people live on paycheck to paycheck, even the ones who earn $100,000 each year, is even more surprising. 
Me, I am not that stylish girl in the crowd. I am more of shirt-and-jeans girl. But I have my moments where I want that every dusty rose clothes (be it jacket or skirt) I see on the fashion store. Or I want that fifth black top inside my wardrobe because I can. Selfishly buying things is not dominant in my blood but it is there somewhere. 

So, to solve this little part of my impulsive buying, I decide to write down a few things I do for the past 5 years and use ask-for-a-friend card about this.

set certain budget
I know you've known this all along: set aside certain budget for your shopping. Spend 1/3 or less of your paycheck for shopping (includes your monthly needs). It is difficult if you live in the big city and spend 1/3 of your paycheck for shopping. But imagine you can buy that vehicle you've been dreaming on for forever if you do this every month. Or you can go to that vacation spot in the island with white sand and blue ocean this end of the year. Don't spend mindlessly and set the budget for shopping.

be spesific as much as you can
When my shopping lust resurface, my feet is restless and my mind keep thinking into that special mall. But I don't go there and not set rule for myself. Last night, I went to that mall and thinking to myself what I need to buy. For example, I need to buy new top with short sleeves. There are colors that match my complexion and there are not. I also set my mind what collar it would be and what kind of details that comfortable to wear. For the record, I didn't find what I need and went home empty handed. I couldn't be more happier!

avoid prompt buying
There are days that I can't help but lusting for this thing once I lay my eyes on it. My heart beats fast and my breath becomes incoherent. That's my cue to avoid prompt shopping. You don't know how much I thankful I am when this pass. If I were to postpone to buy this next week, would I still want it? If I were to buy it next month, would I still lust for it? 

start shopping journal
Honestly, keeping track of me spending money is too much work. Maybe, it's just me. But then, I combine it with journaling, oho, I start thinking the otherwise. Now, find this cute little notebook for you to track all your spending (plus the monthly needs) into this notebook. You may include the receipt or not, it is up to you. For me, it is much more pleasing to the eyes when I put sticker or some clothes/bag/hat picture I cut from magazine on the notebook. You should try it too. It gives me boost to both write and decorate it.

save as much as you spend
The easy way to shop without feeling guilty. You need to save the same amount of money as much as you spend it. If you spend 250k for that shoes, freeze another 250k in your saving. You can't take it till next month. This is the way you punish yourself for spending mindlessly.

do wardrobe inspection once a month
Do you know there is this research about textile waste viral on internet? So, before you shop for new piece, look inside your wardrobe. Does it look like you need to dump new ones to the "never been worn after purchase"?

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