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Thoughts on Raven Cycle series

Finding Raven Cycle book is like finding a diamond. It's an eye-opening and I really really adore the characterization. 

The one where Blue, the female lead, is involved in 4-ways-love, it sounds like regular teenage story. But it is not. On the contrary, the main characters all fall in love a little bit, and at the same time, with each other. 

I read the first book with admiration. I continue to second book with a little bit envy (because Blue has the coolest squad). I finish the third book with a relief breathe. I am now on my fourth book. I don't think I'll finish it anytime soon. I'm busy with... my own mind. I guess.

There is this longing, desperation, attachment, above all, psychic story inside the book. 

I think I have hard time departing with Raven Cycle book. I love it too much. My mind scheme is taking the responsibility: I busy myself reading Sycamore Row recently. Not enough, my left hand is unknowingly reaching to Royal Wedding. I get far and more farther, from Raven King (the fourth book of the series). 

Tumblr has the best fandom of this #trc (the hashtag for The Raven Cycle). They're all an part-time daydreamer and full-time aesthetic lover. For an infp like me, it is practically heaven. I can camp on the hastag for the rest of my life. Because the sprinkles of unicorn dust on each posts with that #trc hashtag. The big three tumblr blog in that fandom (my version): bleuczerny adampairrsh patroiclus.

Magie Stievfater is so genius in writing. I'm not talking about the plot (although it's beautifully polished tbh) but she makes it so easy to write some situation. Like this:
"We need to go," Blue said to Gansey.
Gansey did not question it. Instead, he seemed to instantly divine that this was private and to be left untouched. 

------ Raven King (#4)

The situation happened when Gansey dragged Blue to Aglionby toga party. Gansey could be asking why Blue wanted to leave the party but he didn't. It's like he recognize something from her tone that it was final and he moved so fast to grant her wish.

Favorite quote:
She recognize the strange happiness that came from loving something without knowing why you did, that strange happiness that was sometimes so big that it felt like sadness.

Blue Sargent was pretty in a way that was physically painful to him.

When Gansey was polite, it made him powerful. When Adam was polite, he was giving power away.

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