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Mindscape (2013) Movie Review

I stumbled upon this movie trailer a month ago and I immediately downloaded it. Only I picked the unbusy Sunday, which was yesterday, to watch this movie.

I like the premise of the mindscape ability. According to dictionary, mindscape is a mental or psychological scene or area of the imagination. But for this movie, the person who's able to perform mindscape can actually be present into one's memory (which is impossible for real-life practice).

Story begins at John waking up from nightmare. He's been having this nightmare from the incident involving his wife months ago. Let's not get into this now. Waking up on the sofa, his eyes landed on the television that he failed to turn off before he sleep and the method of mindscape was everywhere on the tv.

I love the plot where someone can have ability to ease other person's pain while he/she is inevitable of being hurt in the process. But he/she is still willing to help. This movie is the perfect example.

His cellphone rang and someone called him to go to the office. Long story short, he had a new job handed to his hand. With the promise, he only had to persuade a girl to continue eating. This girl was said to have severe past and now she resisted to eat at all. The The family was interested to his mindscape ability and found the core problem.
Only that was not only the thing he needed to do, John needed to make aside his bias to the girl or he's in great danger.

The only thing I love about this movie is that the girl, Anna, is an awesome artist and she also does art photography. She has her own drawing scattered on her bedroom and it's aesthetically pleasing. I wish I could draw, tbh. But I wouldnt be drawing about myself, unlike Anna. It is true that she has narcissistic personality. I feel uncomfortable to draw myself. Haha. '

I give 4 points out of 5 for the cinematography and the plot. I almost gave up when I see John began to blindly believe on the girl. But I continued because I'd like to know how this ended.

The one who plays Anna is the sister of the psychic woman in The Conjuring. I thought it's her child because there's 20 years gap between them but no, they're siblings. Ha! Why these siblings like to play in thriller, anyway?

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