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Sunrise at Punthuk Situmbuh

It's not holiday season yet but I already took one day off to see sunrise at Punthuk Situmbuh, Magelang. It was located near Borobudur Temple. I arrived there by ride around 5-8 mins. The day hasnt cracked yet but I met several people riding motorcycle/cars into the same way as I was, to see sunrise at Punthuk Situmbuh.

The ride there was chilly eventhough I wore long sleeves and sweater. Mind you, I came from a hot town. And I rarely had morning stroll so yeah.

The moment I arrived at the park area, there were already so many motorcyle and several cars. Big lamps here and there. But sadly there were no decent lamps on the way up to the sunrise spot. I climbed for 3-5 minutes from park area and I cursed all the way. /laugh/ because my legs were still weak from fatigue the ride yesterday (3 hours from Semarang with motorcycle) and hunger. The little hiking needed at least a bite of chocolate or bread, rite? My legs wobbled badly on the uneven pavement. Not to mention, it was so dark. The workers there stood beside the unlit lamps, I stared at them as if saying 'why is the lamp not lit yet??' but they couldnt do anything but to wait from the main source. 

On the sunrise spot uphill, I could see the clouds, slightly lower from where I stood. That was cool. The sky was dark blue, waiting to absorb morning light to turn into lighter blue. 

I immediately munched on biscuits to fuel my body. As the veil uncovered, my mum called me to the one side and said 'this is the best spot!'. There were already a short line of people who wanted to take pic on the spot. Mum smugly said 'they line up after me getting up there and take pic! I led them here'. I rolled my eyes. Jokingly, of course.

It's kinda embarassing to me to post in front of people waiting in line, there were a group of Jakartans elders, and also youngsters. One of them said, 'The cloud is spreading up. We should take pic soon before it's gone!'. So, it's kinda kill my mood. But hell, at least I've taken video for my instagram story :p 
The spot below!

My friend and I went to seek another spot. I found this two-floors gazebo. We climbed up for better sighting. The clouds were thick and the sun came peeking on the background. I could see the peak of Borobudur temple from here. It's like magic. Sunrise and magic sounded great together, right? I highly recommend you to see sunrise at Punthuk Situmbuh. 

Actually, the local people told us that we could see Gereja Ayam (Church with the shape of chicken at the top) by walking 10 mins from Punthuk Situmbuh. Sorry, not just walking, but hiking (up and down). For one reason, I didnt get to visit that place. Maybe some other time.

My journey isn't ended here. Lemme tell you some other time. 

Greetings from Punthuk Situmbuh, Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia.

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