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Anecdote: Hungry Mode

Prompt: Did you change into other person when you're hungry?
dinner at Nestcology (thanks Ratri!)

This is actually mundane story but I shamely take it for my blog post hehehehe.

Once, I got too quiet when my college pals and I were on the car together. I did nothing but stare at the grey clouds outside and wondered if it's gonna rain any time soon. One of my pal asked me why was I so quiet. When I tried to form an answer, my other pal answered it for me: she did that when she's hungry!

I snorted. No, I wasnt! But then I realized, yeah I was indeed hungry at that time and I had no energy to do anything but daydreaming. After that, I decided that my friends knew better about myself than I. 

While the others change into a monster when they're hungry, I... fade away in the background. Thanks to my pal for pointing that out. /grins/

What about you? Did you get bad mood when you're hungry?

I am currently reading The Dream Thieves (#2 book from Raven Cycle) by Maggie Stiefvater. I wonder why dont I jump on this book sooner. I love the characterization. The year is gonna end soon and I think I haven't read much this year but I'm trying my best. Yeah!

Kim Sejeong - Flower Path (Prod. by Zico)
Jang Jae In - Auditory Hallucinations ft Na Show

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