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The Perks of Being Aries INFP

I'm impressed when one of my bestfriend said:
You're so mysterious, hard to decode.
Sometimes I don't get what is in your head.

She's my old pal but it's the first time we hung out after several years and she said that to me. My reaction? Baffled. Did she get to see through me?
I mean, we talked about things but then she could say about me like that, after all the things we talked????
But, really, I do live behind the veil. I put on mask necessarily without giving myself 100% out there. We talked about how life's goin, we exchanged stories, but she still had hard times to understand me.

I'm impressed.

Hahahahaha. What a weird thinking, huh. Most of INFP friends said INFP personalities are quite difficult to get to know. Even their closest friends (hi my college pals!) may often find it tricky to convince an INFP to open up and reveal their feelings.

It's not that I role play or anything, I dont put fake personality, it's just I adjust myself around my people. Even my own mother doesn't quite get me sometimes. That's why I write journals. To channel my own temper, daydream, and drabble.

INFP idealize (almost) everything, especially partner. Aries has that tendency too. So, I admit that when it comes to partner, I get really really picky. It's not that I need someone like Prince Charming or anything (part of me maybe need that yes). At least, you gotta share genuine beliefs and values, it's hard for me to warm up to you and respect my privacy. I may like you but if we have different beliefs and values, hm, bye. It's not that hard, just try not to be over judgmental. The men around me are all judgmental di*ks (the perks of living in this country). Or maybe I have the wrong crowd? 
Be kind, genuine, and sincere. That's how I like my partner. Preferable funny and literate.

For further information, read here, it matches me well. If you want to understand yourself better, you can start to determine your Myers-Brigg personality through online test. I didn't quite get myself too, that's how I find the Myers-Brigg helping me so.

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