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Steller: the new method of storystelling for adults

I'm much more a visual person than audio person. That's why I invested a lot on my instagram post (although it's not that neat and proper but I did try). And now there's this app that will provide you with refreshing images.
Welcome to Steller! You tell stories via writings and images at the same time, longer than you can share on instagram with modern design. Or "Visual Storytelling App" like what thenextweb use to describe this application. It used to be available only for iPhone. And yet you can find Steller on your Playstore (for Android).
You can say I immediately fall in love with this and there are bunch of genius writers, both local or foreign people. 

from church magz

My favorite list of Steller story:
one from Dee 

two from Max
three from Francesco
four from Santi
five from NGTraveler Indonesia
six from My Travel Story

I adore the images and the writings: feed to my soul. Sadly, I cant make one because I dont have tools for that. You need to have Android v.5.1 or you cant install this beautiful app. *cue to dramatic sobbing*

I still have homework tho: how to express my feelings into words.
If you haven't noticed, I'll lay it out for you: I have hard times to express things. No, not writers block, it's just I'm not sure what I write is interesting enough to be read. There are plenty of drafts inside my brain but I don't express them. I write it own but I don't think it's suitable for public consumption. And that's why when I read great books, I go in awe and envy at the same time. I want to write too.... But, there's still long way ahead. Like what I told my friend, we need to write at least one page a day for practice's sake. In hope that we can make good piece of work.

Ed Sheeran - Who You Are
Cloves (OST Me before you) - Don't forget about me
Death Cab for Cutie - I will Follow You Into the Dark
Alex Turner - It's Hard to Get Around the Wind
DAY6 - 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go)
Dean - I`m Not Sorry (Feat. Eric Bellinger)
James Arthur - Suicide

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