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Listening to the Radio

Sometimes, it's good to sit on this desk and listening to the radio. It brings past memories. Since young age, I've been so self-conscious of what ballad song gave me. It gave me chills, made me slow down whatever-I-do-at-the-moment, and stopped: wow this song was really good. Although I didnt know what the meaning of the song. The music spoke for itself.
That's what I love about 90s era. I was too little to understand the lyric but it jolted awake something inside, it sparked and drawn me in.
Radio, now, enters a whole new version. I feel foreing listen to them. The announcers talk too much, I hate the songs, but I love the corner that plays songs from 90's-00's. It brings me memories. Each songs retrieve certain special memories. 

Padi - Rapuh
Element - Rahasia Hati
Laluna - Selepas Kau Pergi
Marcell - Firasat
Spice Girls - Viva Forever
Britney Spears - Sometimes
Tina Arena ft Marc Anthony - I Want to Spend My Lifetime
Coco Lee - A Love Before Time

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