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Le Petit Prince Book Review

The Little Prince will shine upon children with a sidewise gleam. It will strike them in some place that is not the mind and glow there until the time comes for them to comprehend it.” - taken from brainpickings

I only read mere 15-20 pages of this book but it seems that the passage above fitting this book so much. When I read it, I can actually see behind those words and relate them into something else. Which is genius, I must say. Why did I just find this book now?
You know, I often find the book on my to-read list magically appear at my aunt's room? Yep, I found this Le Petit Prince book about 2 weeks ago. I read it but this book is the kind you dont want to end too fast. It only consists of 120 pages, even comic can be more than that.
When I think retrospectively, Disney story doesnt really stick into my mind like every kid nowadays. Sleeping beauty, Snow White, Cinderella... I only become addicted into Barbie (movie) since college year. Ha. The horror watching Lion King (whose dad was crushed into a pulp) didnt leave my mind easily. Even today.
The point is that I dont really read fairy tale. So, it makes sense that I  may pass this book.
Come to think of it, the narration on the early page of the book saying that this book is not for kid, it's more like adult book with the children content. I might not get the message if I read this book when I was a kid.
Brainpickings write a few articles about Le Petit Prince, interesting. I have it for my current reading. I currently read Afer You (Jojo Moyes) in epub and Le Petit Prince in hard copy.

Maybe Le Petit Prince is not so famous here. I once learned about this book from K-drama, Love Rain. The main character liked certain quote from this book. Then, Chanyeol (EXO) gave out this book in Secret Santa event on Showtime (variety program). You know I like K-wave, so yeah I take anything related to them a little bit more seriously.

Let me finish it first.

*) brainpickings article this & this

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