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Rain Drabble

It happened when the clock struck at 10 past 1. I was sitting on my unmade bed, I heard the drizzle came on the roof one by one. My head snapped to look out of the window. The rain has gone down. The tip of my sweater fell off in the middle up my lower arm. I stretched it down, the weather grew up colder than I thought.
The land has become different place when the rain came down. Dry branches hung lower than usual, the water has drown it down. The cloud grew more sad. No bids in sight. Raindrops made tickling sound when it landed on the big stone. Making rhyme out of wet stone, shattering my silence.
Silence. I like it better when everything is silent. Comforting and not pressuring me.
Pressure. Pressuring one man to acknowledge what she is not. Why should anyone do that? That means they didnt know this person that well.
Universe's buzzing. Earth's drying. People's wailing.
I scratched my journal in rough manner. The charcoal I found outside my window sill was itching my hand to pick it. Black, easy to blend and easy to break. Like my soul.
Between the grass and the fence, sometimes I tucked a letter. Hoping anyone would see and read it. Sure, it's ridiculous place to put a letter. When it rained, everything went into vain. No one read it, no one would help.
I enjoyed the rain. Rain gave a sense of company without any pressure.

Mood songs:
IU - Only I Didn't Know
Big Bang - If You
Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me
Taeyeon - Like A Star
Birdy - Tee Shirt

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