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End of the Day

Being an introvert has its own perks. My colleague echoes how lonely my night time is. She asked if I stay home after work. I said yes. She asked again why wouldnt I hang out with my friends, I answered they're not here or simply they're busy. Then I think to myself, that's right I stay home all the time. Hm. It's like Taeyeon when she confesse, "I dont like being alone but I want to be alone.' 
Most of the time I spend my time laying down on the bed, scrolling through instagram, reading book, laying down, staring at the ceiling, sleeping. Ha. But I 'm contented.
I'm afraid of rejection. So, whenever I want to hang out, I scan my messenger contact, who will agree to go out tonight. Most of the time, I will contact the same people to go out but it's either their having family time or they're out of town. Then I go back laying on my bed and scrolling through instagram again. I sometimes skipping through tv channels to find amusing program. I end up watching news program and I get in too deep. Recently, they cover corruption news/child abuse/forest smoke ruining cities, then I'd feel exhausted. I'm easily get tired these days. I do some stretching and some exercise, I even dance to SNSD songs, but it doesnt shoo away the exhaustion.

Listening to End of the Day by Jonghyun is the good way to end the day. Or maybe not. It adds up the exhaustion because the lyric..... But I like the melody so much. Jonghyun is also a lonely. He makes use of his lonely time to compose songs, he recently releases his new mini album which he composes all the songs by himself! It's a rare thing from SM artist. SM management easily reject their artists' song but they let Jonghyun off. Simply because his songs are all amazing. Listen here. He even writes book and he release it not long after dropping his album. He's known being extra-sensitive so his lyric is all deep and I wonder how his book writing turns out.

"You who are my source of pride, were you waiting for me
That small shoulders of yours, that two small hands of yours
Becomes a warm blanket at the end of my exhausting day
At the end of a day that I cannot cry as much as I want to and laugh as much as I want to
Even if it’s that way, if you’re by my side
Like a young child, I whine, I laugh like I’m gasping

You can listen to all the tracks here.
You cand download the album here.

2 komentar:

henny mengatakan...

As an introvert, I couldn't agree more, Nji!
Aku juga sering ngerasa gak pengen jalan, gak pengen ngumpul, gak ada alasan spesifik, ya cuma karena gak pengen aja. :D

dz angie mengatakan...

Iya mbak, sama ya. Tapi kadang ada yang gak paham kok ada orang kayak kita ini. Hahahaha.