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Silkworm Review

Silkworm is mind-blowing. The writer doesnt seem to waste one or two sentences to abundantly describe Strike's thought. Strike is the detective who can read through every act of the suscpect and put all of it into consideration (which is hard for me to follow) and then BAM he finds the culprit!

I always love detective story. Who doesnt? I grew up reading Detective Conan. Dilligently follow the update. But then all of sudden I was kinda tired reading Conan's never ending story. I mean who's the black guys, Gin and friends?? Does Conan be able to blow they cover??? Will he get his own body as Kudo???? Bye. Tell me if the story comes to an end, pls.
Well. Robert Galbraith is one fiction name. It's amazing how JK Rowling is able to write different piece from her bestseller series, Harry Potter. Silkworm is the second book of Cormoran Strike story. Cuckoo's Calling is the first. She's brilliant in making the characters & the personality & also the plot! Omaigash the plot!!! Plus she writes with London as the background! My forever number one must-go city. So, reading the novel is like I'm walking on the wet pavement street from last night's drizzle. Having brunch at bar. Catching trains. Hmm~~

Story goes from Strike office where the clients come and go nonstop, thanks to Lula Landry case (read Cuckoo's Calling if you havent). He doesnt really get excited because his client mostly wants him to spy on their partners, believing they're meeting someone else. Or other absurd cases you can find. Then comes this weird woman confesses that his husband goes missing and she wants Strike to find him but he needs to go to her hubby's agent for the expense. Well, the husband is a writer and the boss is his agent. She thought the agent is also looking for him. She doesnt want to go to police for certain reason. Strike is getting excited to do the case and he agrees to it almost immediately. Not bothering if he'll get paid or not.
Then the story gets complicated when Strike finds the writer dead inside the house that the wife admits that his husband will not go there unless it's really necessary. Who kills him? And why does Strike get all worked-up when the police arrest the wife?
I used up my night sleep because I was too engrossed to the story. The ending came when I least expected it.
I will be happy if Robert Galbraith writes the third book. Maybe Matthew will forgive Strike easily and find Strike new gf? Hehe. Strike is such a lonely guy but he is too proud to admit it.
I'm currently reading Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami. See you next post!

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