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After Dark Review

Haruki Murakami presents evil life almost in every single of his books. Well, I only 1Q84 though. I dont know about the other book hahaha. I watched Norwegian Woods tho. And it's so damn gloomy. Anyway, I just finished reading After Dark. I thought it was long book, turns out it's really short.

Mari, the 19 girl who wandered the city after dark, met Takahashi in a restaurant. Takahashi and Mari met once in the past because of Mari's sister but that's it. Takahashi timidly apporoach Mari who sit alone with book in her hands. Mari, the quiet girl with tomboyish appearance who was always compared with her sister who worked as a part-time model. She spent her night in cafe, bar, even love ho, simply because she's reluctant to come home. 
Why? Go and read the book.
The story literally tells about what happen after dark. They both dont know each other that well, but they find each other comfortable company and they talk so much, even their deepest fears. Takahashi, whose passion play in band but he has to choose between doing what he wants and what he needs to do for his life. Then Mari, believing she is  the ugly duckling compare to her superior sister but actually she's more than that.
Fate allows Mari, who rarely talk, meet Takahashi, who likes to talk but doesnt really have friends to lean on.
Talks about coincidence. Sweet coincidence.

Okay. It's 6th books I read this year. I want it one book, one week. But I manage to write review for this book only hahaha.

It's really nice to have someone to talk about life.
Life is not full of sun & rainbows, HM points out darkest life into his main characters. It tastes bitter but that's what makes us appreciate good days. 

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