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Guitar String

It was night time. It meant we had break from the activity from early morning till afternoon. Most of us lounging in the living room after shower. It's not dinner time yet and we had nothing to do. 
One of my friend took his guitar and played randomly. I scooted closer and asked, 'Can you play Love Romance for me?'. He stared blankly on the floor and played the strings in trial and error.
The song itself, I dunno, as romance sappy, I liked it much. It contained sad, longing, helpless feel. I doubted if the guitar player knew the song because I didnt really know the exact title.  
But the guitar friend gave up playing, 'Ah I cant seem to find the right note. It's too complicated. Sorry.'
I shrugged. 'Well, nevermind then.'

I retreated and was about to take turn to shower. I fetched fresh clothes and hovered around for a few minutes (before heading to the bathroom).
My ears perked up. I heard familiar tone from the guitar strings, it strangely had Love Romance feel but in incorrect way. But I could still recognize the random notes as Love Romance song.
I hovered in the dark place, near the living room, out of everyone sight, and found that particular person had the guitar in the lap.

I smiled. 
Why did he take notice of my request? Did he take the guitar from its previous player and give it a try? I thought he couldnt play guitar. I smiled in wonder.
Not long after, he took down the guitar with subtle sigh.
It's enough for me.
Yes, and it still is.

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