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It was one busy day, everyone came to attend one-day-show in downtown. 


Alea took the vacant seat near the empty stage. The morning performance ended half an hour ago. It wasn’t until the evening that the second part of the show started which was 5 hours more to go. Alea sighed and looked around. She just finished having lunch with her group. She separated herself from them because she wanted to sit down and let her intestines to digest her food slowly. 

“Do you want to go around this place?” said the girl with oval glasses.
“Yeah, I’m actually eyeing the souvenirs in the front of this building! Should we go now? Who wants to join me and Elina?” said another girl in pink jacket.
“Nah, I think I’m gonna pass. I’m gonna go talk to someone from my class sitting in that hall. See you guys later!” said Alea. She smiled to them and walked off alone.
Alea lied. She didn’t see someone from her class inside. And yet she couldn’t bring herself to tell them in detail that she wasn’t in the mood to walk around. Why?
Well, it’s not because she wanted to sit down and let the food down? Please. She just wasn’t in the mood because she saw Allen with that pretty girl from his class and they went for a walk together. Was that his gf? If not, who was she? Did he like her?
Those thoughts was the sole reason why Alea seemed so reluctant having her lunch earlier.

“Alea, are you sick? You dont like the food?” asked Yosie. 
“The food is fine, why?”
Yosie shrugged, “You seem a little off.”

Alea checked her mobile phone. Scrolling through her twitter timeline. Nothing interesting, she thought. She put down her phone dejectedly. She looked around, no one was really here inside the hall. Maybe they had lunch break at cafeteria or walked around the place. 

“Alea, what are you doing here by yourself?”
Alea turned her head around and found Allen walked closer to her.
“You too, I thought you’re with your classmates,” replied Alea.
“My friends are having break at cafeteria then I saw you alone inside so… You wanna join?”
Alea shook her head. “I just had lunch with Elina and the others.”
“You did? Well, where are they now?”
“They go around to buy souvenirs.”
Allen frowned, “You don’t feel well?”
“No. Why is everyone asking me the same thing??”
“Why are you yelling at me?”
Allen took the seat beside Alea. He put one hand on Alea’s forehead, “Hmmm, no fever.”
Alea rolled her eyes. "Sleepy, I guess.” Alea shoved off Allen’s hand from her forehead.
Allen didn’t buy it. And yet he didn’t want to dig further, instead he said, “Do you want to listen to my iPod?”
Alea’s eyes popped out a little. “You bring along your iPod? I didn’t know you have one,” Alea muttered. 
Almost instantly, she eyed Allen’s bag expectantly. She really liked music and surprisingly both of them had similar taste in music.
Allen snickered. He began to dig in his backpack.
“Here, the earphones. Hey, spare one for me!” cried Allen.
“Whyy? I thought you’re gonna let me use it for myself. Don’t you have to get back with your classmates? They’re gonna start lunch without you!”
“No prob. They can start whenever they want,” Allen shrugged, “What do you want to listen? I don’t know your favorite though.”
Alea’s taken aback, “I thought… you wanna join them….”
Allen shook his head nonchalantly. “Nope, here, let’s start with some Adam Young masterpiece.”
Alea felt her lips tugging upward. Out of the blue, her mood was going up up up. 

 when the memory is all she has 

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