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I become a legit hardcore fans of SHINee on December 2011. I didn’t exactly remember how and why. Maybe after my pal gave me Hello Baby where SHINee members babysat a baby together? Or maybe after they came to Indonesia for Korean-Indonesia concert? I dont remember. 
And then I listened to Hello (the 2nd album they released in 2010) voila I became addicted. At that time, December 2010 they’re busy having their first concert at Japan (my favorite stage is Quasimodo). I remember the night I stayed up late to download EVERY performance consisted of 11 different videos ( OMG CHOI MINHO SOLO STAGE BLEW ME AWAY )
I gathered every SHINee-related news about their activity (variety shows/daily schedule), performance (concerts), photoshoot, the members’ birthday (hey one of them shared same birthday as mine), their position in the band, their personality (through magazine interview), and also their amazing edited pictures from fans on tumblr. Literally everything.

And then... today (Apr 22), a local promoter made announcement through the official twitter account that they will have #SWC3INA on June 22 at MEIS Ancol.

I’m dead. 

Eventhough it's World Tour Concert, SM usually holds concert for their artist in Asian countries (South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan Philippines). Once in a blue moon, SM held SM Town concert in Paris and NY. I think maybe it's because there's demand from local promotor to hold SMTown Concert there. Otherwise, they wont hold any concert outside Asia.
Back in 2011, SHINee was invited to London (UK) to have private concert. I was more than ecstatic because they didnt invite other artists but SHINee instead. This year SHINee spread their wings farther and held concert in South America. My babies' popularity is rocketing. I'm sure other idols have fervent fans all over the world too but the fact that local promotor from western country invited SHINee and a large amount of fans came to see 'em. Oh well. Awe-some.

However, the rumor, about SHINee having concert in Indonesia, was already revolving on twitter last February/March. But no official announcement’s been made /shrugs/. Just like the expert predicted the storm coming from weather change, I anticipated the worst. Then they decide to drop the bomb today, exactly 2 months away from the actual concert day.

Maybe I’m exaggerating but the feeling you can’t see your favorite artist concert on your country is like… devastating, crushing your bone, making you suffocated. Yeah. Hm. Hufft.

Last time we had SM Town Concert in Jakarta back in 2012, mother’s been monitoring me on the day of the concert. She said I looked really stress. HAHAHA STRESS WAS  AN UNDERSTATEMENT, TBH. I almost lost my sanity that day because my favorite artists under the same agency was having concert in MY COUNTRY AND I COULDN’T ATTEND. I was friggin pressed, man. People on the twitter spread the news if we wanted to stream the concert we could click a certain link. But it turned out it was the streaming link for the press conference only not the actual concert. YOU’RE GIVING ME FALSE HOPE, PEOPLE! 

Ugh the pressed feeling comes back.

SHINee has several concerts, consist of:
SHINee World Concert I on 2011; it was held in Seoul, Taipei, Nanjing, Singapore, Nagoya, Osaka (my favorite stage: Quasimodo, A-Yo, One)
SHINee World Concert II on 2012 in Seoul, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore (favorite stage: I Wont Give Up [Onew Solo stage])
SHINee World Concert III started this March in Seoul, then April in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina; the next stop will be Jakarta (I’M LOOKING FORWARD ‘EVIL’ STAGE)
Japan Arena Tour in 2012; SHINee visited several big cities in Japan; they debuted officially in Japan & released a few Japanese album too and did this JAT to promote their Japanese album
Japan Arena Tour in 2013; the concert promoted their new album, Boys Meet U; favorite stage is Colors of the Season
SM Town Week 2013, SHINee had one-day concert last Christmas 2013; favorite stage is Cry for Me (Taemin solo stage)

The setlist performance for the SWC III, for me, is great! The choreography is getting better and more appealing. I could ramble about the setlist for a whole day just because.

I admire their passion to be a serious stage performers instead of just mere idol. SHINee released 4 albums last year (2013) and Melon Awards 2013 gave Artist of the Year Award for them. SM didnt put them together into one group randomly but five of them are really talented and give unique charms to the group. SM's been monitoring the members and even eliminating a few trainees before they settled for Onew-Jonghyun-Key-Minho-Taemin to be in the group. This group tried to set new standard for idols and they've been doing amazing choreography. They keep getting better after every comeback (like the experts say). They might not stand out among the male K-Pop groups (the amount of male groups nowadays whew) but their music suits my ear and their personality (made or not) attracts me. Their personality might be staged/controlled by SM (especially in variety shows, it's scripted; every variety shows r scripted, ofc) but I didnt remember read horrible news/scandals involving the members. And that's enough for me. 

Check out: 
Dream Girl (except the tight colorful outfit, I like the dynamic choreography)
Why So Serious (Jonghyun couldnt be in the MV because he injured himself TT.TT ; the dance is really fun!)
Everybody (I like the dance practice better than the original MV hehe)
Sherlock (Clue+Note hybrid song)
Everybody + Dream Girl at SBS Gayo Daejun 2013
Selene 6.23 (Jonghyun made this one) 
Sleepless Night (oh tearssss)

How I wish to watch their live performance some day..

*none of the pic is mine*

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