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One Year Later

After turning the lamp into the dimmer one, she lied herself on her bed. She checked the clock on her mobile phone; it showed 11.06 PM. Her gaze lingered longer on the wallpaper before she turned it off and tucked the mobile phone under her pillow. 
She slowly closed her eyes. Her shallow breath became steady within minutes. Her chest rose and fell as her consciousness slowly drifted away.

Her eyes suddenly flew open but she couldnt see anything. It was all black. She waved her arm in front of her, but still she could see nothing. She could hear her heart beating so fast, she tried to scream but nothing came out either. 
She continued standing on her place when there was dim light from afar. She waited patiently in her place with her upright body and arms clung into her side; fingers clawing into her skirt. The grey light grew bigger and bigger until it materialized vivid image in front of her. Suddenly it engulfed her in; she felt so strange and closed her eyes in fear.
..3, 4, 5, 6... She counted on her mind and waited for something happened. She braced herself and opened her eyes slowly.
She looked around and found herself standing in the middle of familiar street. No one was insight; everything was so still. She recognized the house on her right and the front yard with tiny garden on her left. She stood in the middle of the street she lived a year ago. 
She stepped ahead; oh I wore my purple flats? she thought to herself. She practically adored the pair but she lost them last summer after she moved into new place. Oh, it was just a dream, no? It made sense how the shoes still attached on her feet.
She looked up to her upper body. She wore that orange jersey that she loved. Her friends teased her a lot because the jersey with her favorite soccer player spelled wrongly. She almost gave up and thrown the top in the bottom of her wardrobe but not anymore. The jersey crept up into her favorite-shirt list again because...  he's the one who complimented her when she wore the shirt on one sunny day. 
"Wow, I don't know you like soccer!"
She turned her head to the left where she found a boy not much older than her smiling to her, "Nope, I just love this person with 99 number on his back."
He gestured to her to turn her back so that he could see the player's name.
"Did it spell correctly?"
"Don't start," she snapped, "The other guys already bother me about it," she pouted slightly. 
He chuckled while patting her head, "But it looks good on you. I never thought you'd look great in orange."
Her smile's spread instantly. "I know, right?" she replied smugly. There's fluttering butterfly inside her stomach. 
"Anyway, let's go get the others! I bet they're in the middle of preparing our lunch."
The memory flashed onto her mind. She stared blankly into space and accidentally stopped in front of the third house to her right. The one with large front yard and huge sicamore tree. She turned her body to look intently into the house. 
Another memory played again.
"Are you sure this is how you make it?"she sounded unsure, she raised one eyebrow.
He looked at her like she talked in foreign language, "You were the one who asked me to do this mechanic thing to me and now you wonder if I do right thing?"
She nodded. 
"You're not serious, right? I've re-built broken motorcycle when I was 19. I've told you that!"
She backed her body in surprised, "Did you?"
"Didn't I?" he asked back.
"Hey guys, the soup is ready! Do you guys want some?" said one big dark-skinned guy appeared from the living room into the porch with big bowl.
"I'll go get it myself," she stood up and went inside the house. She walked back to her place in the porch with the warm soup.
He eyed her eagerly.
"What?" she spat.
"Is it good?" he stopped doing the mechanic thing and stared at her wide-eyed.
"Do you want to try?"
He raised slightly his black palms, signaling he couldn't eat right away, he had to clean out first but he really wanted to have some.
She nonchalantly shoved the spoon with the soup into his direction. He's taken aback by her action but he guzzled it anyway. 
She flashed her eye-smile, "Really good, isn't it?" 
He gulped and nodded in silent.
Both the girl and the boy were practically stranger a week before but they never knew that they'd get  this close quickly. That particular memory left a slight nudge inside her heart. She unconsciously placed a hand on her chest. 

She walked closer into the porch of the familiar house. The front door was shut. But the curtain was opened. The glassy window was big enough for people to peeked inside and saw the entire living room. She moved her face closer to the window and gazed inside. The couch and the table were in the same position like she remembered. The long couch taped to the wall and faced her direction. That was the exact couch where her brunette friend took a nap after a long morning, while she sat lazily on the other couch busy checking her socmed. He took the place on the floor right in front of her with his head near her feet. He lied on his side, facing the brunette girl.
"Do you guys believe the idea of soul mate?" someone randomly brought up the topic.
It was one lazy afternoon and the breeze blew lightly into the living room while some of them sprawled around with nothing to do.
"Sometimes," someone replied.
"Why not?"
"Once I heard someone said that you will resemble your soul mate, whether it's hair, skin color, the shape of the nose, etc," she blurted out.
"Yes, or the shape of the eyes. They'll resemble each other," he said agreeing to her.
She startled, no one seemed to have agreed to the statement before. Now, he was the one who did agree with the idea of the soul mate thing?
She raised her head to look intently at the sight of him. I didn't resemble him, she thought; he didn't resemble me either. Then she moved her gaze to the brunette girl on the couch beside him. Well, they did resemble, they both had fair fair skin...
She retreated her face from the window. The pang on her chest became more vivid and made her frozen on her spot. Why did she feel like that?
She turned her back from the house and facing the front yard. 
The rain was suddenly falling. The image before her turned gray. She slightly remembered the day it suddenly rain like this and she sat on the passenger side of one motorcycle with him the one who's driving. 
"Ah, we should've gone home earlier. Do you want to wear raincoat?" 
"Nope," she replied.
She took off her jacket and made it as an umbrella covering both of their heads.
He chuckled, "Wow, this kind of raincoat is great!"
She almost could hear him smiling. And it brought smile to her lips too.
She let out a tear. She could remember the scenes vividly one after another. The wet from the rain splashed into her face. Her eyes became blurred and all of the sudden the blackness engulfed her.

She woke into the familiar room which was hers. She's slightly out of breath. Her right palm already clutched into her heart. She sighed heavily and buried her face deeper into her pillow, wishing to continue her sleep. 

Somewhere far away, one guy longingly stared into his mobile phone. He kept pressing the button so that the display picture on the wallpaper shone bright into the darkness. That certain picture on his wallpaper made his mind wander off to one particular the girl he once knew.

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