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Klayar, Pacitan

I managed to got to Klayar for weekend last month. Mother's been pestering me to go look at this amazing corner of the world in Pacitan. Not that I'm complaining, haha.
So we went there by car, it took maybe 3-4 hours there? We had our lunch after we arrived at Pacitan. Although I dozed off a few times but the view from Pacitan to Klayar (beach) really worth a look. At first, it was mainly a really long and straight road. We saw small house here and there and mostly field. 30 minutes later we got closer to Klayar, the road began to resemble roller coaster. No, I aint kidding. It was narrow and long curvy road. Up and down. Up and down. I almost broke into cold sweat because in some uphill, then the sharp downhill coming right up. The sense of riding roller coaster you'd get there. That was fun, anyway.
Then when I thought the journey wont end soon, there came a lodge in sight with many cars on its parking lot. Yeah, it was weekend and it made sense there were bunch of people coming there. Lodge? Uhm, mother planned stay 1 night and got home next afternoon. 
It was almost 2 pm when we got down to the beach. It wasnt that far from the lodge. It hardly takes 5 mins to walk. The beach can be seen in front of the lodge and it was really amazing.

It was spacy and only several groups of people on the beach. The sand was pretty and the sea glowed really beautiful. On the right corner where there were some kind of headland, big rocks scattered around. The wave was high. I didnt really think that jumping in and swimming was a great idea. I didnt mind to dip my feet into the water but the wave... was pretty fierce. So instead I spotted this shadow place where I intended to build something from the sand. You know in the movies people always build something from the sand and it seems pretty cool.
Well, it's not that cool if you built it alone without any descent ability.
I gave up after a while and started to wander around.
4-set beach shot
the sky was clear, the sand was warm

I saw some tiny shells and gathered 12 of them.
The shells got pretty color too..

When you walked to the east, you'll find different crook of the beach. Crook? Well, come and see it yourself. The sand is different from the side I walk before.


If you go to that rocky land in the picture above, you'll be able to witness 'seruling samudra'. There's this small hole on the rock, if the wave coming some of the water will go up from the hole like this shower on your garden. If not, the wind will fill up the hole and make noises like 'seruling'. Mother said it was the main attraction of the beach but I aint that giddy to see it. Maybe because we need to walk again and it seems to be high place. I was quite satisfied seeing the gleaming blue ocean. Nyehehehehe. 

The next day, we explored the west side of the lodge which consisted of dry field and grass. It seemed that someone burnt down the entire field. 

Why should we go there? I forgot what it's called -____- it was some kind of bay and other beach. We could go there by taking around road by vehicle and it'll take 30 minutes there. But we could see it from this near side of Klayar beach and still got the pretty view of the beach. 
The wave was pretty up high too on that beach. It slapped the enormous rocks with monstrous sound. Pretty and scary in the same time. The ocean was also glowing on this side. No sand on the beach, only enormous rocks enveloped the island. Too bad I didnt get to take picture here.
it was awkward for me, apparently not for mom

In the middle of nature, I didnt know how to pose well. So...

We went home that afternoon. We came by Goa Tabuhan before we jumped in the bus taking us home.
Mother intended to take me to other goa, near the lodge, but it was so darn crowded at that time and we came here instead. The cave was wide, tall but not that deep. It consisted of cold stalaktit, oh or stalakmit? The one hanging from above? What is it called? The weather inside was rather chill compared to the outside's. I couldn't take any picture inside without proper light. 

Some fun weekend I got there. Aside from 7 hours journey, I didnt think there were some regret going to this place. Klayar beach is your secret runaway that contains tiny part of paradise. Thanks for bringing me along here.

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