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Reasons to be Happy

People often overlook the tiny little thing, when actually it's the one that makes our day complete. 

Imagine looking inside your wardrobe and find that fluffy sweater you'd like to wear isn't there. Yes, you can wear the other jumper for this cold weather but it'll never feel the same.

On the rainy weather, you cant see your favorite sunsets. Maybe you'll feel fine and move on, ignore the fact that the sunset is hiding behind that pale clouds on the sky. Then, one month later, when you finally get to see the sunsets and then suddenly that tiny smile dancing in the verge of your lips silently enjoying the beauty of that cheerful orange color; along with hugs and kisses from that particular person. 

Sitting by the fire, enjoying hot tea from your favorite mugs with that great playlist streaming from your headphone.

Even then, you can enjoy the snow days the way you like the sandy beaches with palm trees on the summer. The cute & comfortable mittens with matching socks are suitable for stars seeing on the night of winter days. The same goes for your favorite baggy t-shirt, shorts, & shades for the summer days.

Good hair days and your fave-brand mascara for going out with your bffs, running through your planners to check the vacation schedule you've been planning 3 months ahead to pay those sleepless days because of your hectic work. Driving into somewhere new; seeing tulips bloom; watching waterfalls by the lake. Let your scarf blown by the wind along the shore; build a castle from the sand; taking pictures of the palm trees with the clear sky as the background. 

Being grateful just for the mere early mornings; 24-hours-on electricity; that kitty cats that always awaits you when you exit the house; your favorite smoothies from your favorite stall; elevators so you dont need to run your lungs out just to reach your office; random pencils you place on your bag when you run out of pen and you need to write down important contact; handwritten letters full of love from your children or significant other; surpise candlelight dinner; clean water; or stars peeking your bedroom window on the peaceful night before summer starts.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. 

credit: the owner, via tumblr

One Direction - Little Things
Apink - Secret Garden
Ariana Grande - The Way
SHINee - Aside
Lenka - Live Like You're Dying
Davichi - Missing You Today
Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me (accoustic ver)
EXO - Angel (Into Your World)
Pink - Fucking Perfect

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