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First week of school?

I have Mr. A for my social teacher. Different from what my friends got last year. Mrs. I teaches in the other class, the small one. I knew she’ll prefer small class than the bigger one. In my class, there’s 50-60 students.
Isn’t it hilarious? And he doesn’t make us to make a study group like every other lectures which is good. He’s gonna have this discussion class every week and make us to speak our mind. He stuff our mind with knowledge, he babbles about everything he knows which I find it inspiring. He talked about Sect, I never know for sure what Sect is. He gave many examples yesterday. He also talked about Ahmaddiyah. He asked ‘What will you do if you sit in Indonesian government? Will you (1) disband this Ahmaddiyah and kill the people, or (2) make the people migrate to deserted island and forbid them to communicate with Indonesian people, or (3) what is in your mind?’
I just sat there, spacing out as always, I don’t know what to answer. Once my Mom said that this Ahmaddiyah already build years and years ago. Even the people of Ahmaddiyah in other countries live in peace together with other religion. Nothing bad happen to them, unlike in Indonesia.
Is that true? So what makes Ahmaddiyah people in Indonesia got attacked? I never really keep in the track of this news.
Oh, okay, whatever. I prefer thinking about nice things than scary-yet-important thing like that ;p
Back to Mr. A teaching. So, my friends who sat beside me, they’re all kinda like to complain about his babbling about unrelated story. I find it exciting, though. I can know more things, I know enough of K-Pop, but not that kind of things. Sect, Ahmaddiyah, about his clients’ stories.
There’s not gonna be descent lectures in this semester, I found 2 (in)descent lectures. Hehehehe. Student’s problem, don’t wanna get involve in complicated terms, right? Let’s not talk about this ;p
I hope this semester will be better than the past. I hope I can speak in front of mass without getting nervous (you don’t know I can get easily nervous at this speaking in public thing). I hope everything runs well, even great, for me, my friends, and all of you. Yay!

Do think positively, to make everything turns out in positive way!!!

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