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Airhead by Meg Cabot

New Meg Cabot's novels that have been translated in Indonesian : Queen of Babble, Avalon High 1, Airhead. I got the Airhead around two weeks ago. I did once read it in pdf version I found on 4shared, and I was quite curious with the following novel. It has two series that I know. Airhead and Airhead: Nikki. Am I mistaken?
Well, I want to buy the Avalon High first but when I came to the bookstore I couldnt find it. So I bought Airhead first.
the story is about a girl who likes computer games has (she assumes that she does) a brain transplantation. she's in an accident that cause her body dead, and they (the doctor) tries a brain transplatation to an upper-class model's body named Nikki. Whereas, this computer maniac, Emerson Watts, is like hate this Nikki. How would she react when some day she wakes up after operation and finds herself in Nikki's body? Well, you should go read it yourself :p

I like Meg Cabot's stuff. well, most of them like Princess Diaries I-X, the Mediator I-VI, Size 12 is not Fat, 1-800 Series. I found myself enjoying the stories. I hope I can read Airhead : Nikki not long after this. 
Oh, I heard that Avalon High is being filmed. Yeah, congrats, cant wait to watch it.