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whole week of scenes

it's Monday again. I thought I just got Monday yesterday, but here comes the Monday again.
last week, especially weekend, was super busy days. from Friday afternoon, I came back from school and did a lot of things coz at 4 o'clock my family (my grandma and youngest auntie) held a 'pengajian' for her-soon-wedding. on Saturday, it's 'akad nikah' day! my grandma's niece and nephew from Gorontalo came for a visit and all that. it's beyond. I liked it though, meeting new aunties and uncles. they squeezed my arms and said, 'You've grown!!' in daring way. kekekekekeke~ and they said I was pretty too. super kekekekeke~ a certain uncle even appoached me suddenly and aiming his camera in front of my face and took my pict. from years of practicing, I spontaneously put broad smile like a celebrity in red carpet (self-praising detected). and you know what? I even bowed after that. and he uttered, 'thank you'. kekekekekke~ 

my auntie dressed in white attire, it's perfect. she smiled like she never smiled before. my neighbor said, 'Dont laugh, just SMILE!' and I laughed so hard.

on Sunday, we were all dressed in brown kebaya and tryin to stand in nearly 5 cm heels for almost 3 hours (did I miscalculated?). I spotted my favorite neighbor in the crowd, he towering in the crowd, he's so TALL, wore glasses, and everything.
well, okay, where was I?
high heels.. okay. aaah, the bride did sing 2-3 songs in the end. too bad, the groom just remained silent in his seat. they changed clothes 2 times: yellow and red. what was that for actually?

in the evening, I went watching Harry Potter 7 part 1 in Paragon with my other auntie. IT'S TRULY BEYOND. I cant find compatible words for the movie. 4 thumbs up ^^ I cant wait for part 2. 

okay, the third semester is going to slip away soon. I got tons tasks to do. wish me luck. 
and for you too :D

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