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Onew's Day

Hahai, I should've posted this yesterday on December 14th but...

Saengil chukahamnida~ Onew-oppa. May you have lotta love from everyone and keep striving for your carrier ^^
He was born 21 years ago, but in Korean year he's considered 22th years-old, yeah :D
Let's see what he said on Star Call yesterday, on his birthday..

Hello, today is my birthday. 

I received many many congratulations. 

Everyone, thank you very very much. 
I like this type of birthday to celebrate with everyone, it’s very exiciting, very fun. 
Also, there’s very many shows(?). 
Anyway I love you very very much. Thank you very very much~~  ^^

I got it from forever_shinee ^.^
I found he's interesting when I watched Hello Baby SHINee version a few months ago. He's a little dorky and afraid of children. However he showed his love for Yoogeun, the baby they took care of.
Plus, yesterday SHINee won Korean Best Dresser Award. Yeeaaaaah ^^

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