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Guess it's a fan-to-idol love after all



[ ah, cham! I forgot that Minho is 8 months younger than me. -,- I wrote Minho-Oppa earlier but I've corrected now ]

To me, they’re perfect.
Well, they’re superstar and it’s common thing they have such gorgeous faces. Not just their outlooks, they have SUPERB voice. Then for Minho, he's starting to be an actor. he's in a drama making now >> Pianist. I wonder if there's kiss scene. anyway, congratsss!!! I always pray for you.
oh, Kyu-Oppa also starts to be an actor too. he played a role in musical drama Three Musketeers (if I'm not mistaken). congrats for you too. 

I always thought like this..
There, Kyu-Oppa and Minho standing far away. Me? here, in far away place, only having chance to look at their pictures everyday on my tumblr dash. How sad.

If there’s a chance I could go there, meet either Kyu-Oppa or Minho-Oppa, I’D TAKE IT NO MATTER WHAT.
I’m not an ELF. I’m not a SHAWOL either. I like all Suju guys and SHINee, but still I only admire Kyu-Oppa and Minho-Oppa.
OMO, writing this makes my chest going to burst. I admire them SO MUCH.
I’d like to have them for my next birthday, can I?
Kekekeke. Imagining them wrapped up inside a huge box with ribbons, again, makes my chest going to burst again. can I, can I, can I????

I want to sing a few words for them..
- I knew I couldn’t have you
But my love for you just kept growing -

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