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She Needs Him Back in Her Life

"And would it really make a difference if you knew I still loved you?"

I felt bad today. My close friend broke up with her boy. And there I saw the bright girl I've known for long time, she's actually fragile. I dont know, I think she's not that weak. But when the 'broke up' blurted out from her lips, it brought great shake on her eyes and her whole body.  I abruptly got out my tissue pack and pushed it in front of her face. It's weird look for me coz I never seen this before, weird huh?
Anyway, I tried to be realistic and I gave her (bitter) advice but my other friends (there were 4 of us then) gave me SHUT-YOUR-MOUTH look.  
What? I'm not gonna give her advice that she wants to hear about. My words were sharp and I know it cause her more pain. But I want her to know the worst possibility. Face it! Deal with it! I'm not trying to make her hurt, but she needs to be awaken from her deepest heart the worst thing that could happen. 
It's okay. Whatever I said, or the other said she wont listen, anyway. She said it herself, she knew whatever people trying to say she wont listen. Once I said my opinion, she wouldnt listen, and she texted her other friend instead. I think she'll stop until someone saying what she really want to hear. 

I dont believe love is THAT terrible until I see it today. It's really frightening. Love is..

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