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Barbie in Christmas Carol vs Ghost of Girlfriend's Past

Oh, I was just watched Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past. I saw Ochie's photo on her cellphon showed that her friends and she went to cinema to watch it together. so I rented it last Tuesday (along with Ninja Assassin, Ice Age 3, and Orphan). And believe it or not I already watched the same plot on Barbie Movie. I dunno what the title is but I watched it on a holy-day on May 13rd (I guess) and I was officially into it. I like the movie much than the barbie. 

The Barbie , Eden, adored her aunt so much. She acted like her all the time. She was so cold and arrogant to her subordinates. Anyway, the Barbie was a very good tenor singer and she had her bestfriend as her designer, and twins as her back dancers, a magician, and juggler. She treated them awfully and deep down they were all hate her. and then the late aunt came to her room when she slept. The aunt said the Barbie had to change her behavior or everything would be bad for her. there would be 3 ghosts that coming to her after that. and the ghost 1 arrived, she brought the Barbie to her past, to the moment which changed her to a cold-blooded person. Ghost 2 arrived after that and showed her how her subordinates acted when she was still fallen asleep in her room in present time. And ghost 3 showed her what would happen in the future if she stayed arrogant like that. in the end? Of course, it’s a happy ending story. Recalling that it is a Barbie Movie and (almost) no stories have sad ending, right? At least for kids.

Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past:
Connor was a hot photographer and a playboy. He never dated girls in long time. Maybe for a day, two days, or even 49 minutes! Well, he acted like that because of his mighty teacher, his very own uncle. His uncle was known as a master playboy. Or playman? He’s oldie goldie, anyway. On the night before Connor’s brother got married, Connor came to the house which they were once lived for childhood. Her late uncle came to him and said how pathetic Connor’s life was then. If there’s no way Connor would change, it would be bad for him. he would sent 3 ghosts for him after that. ghost 1 was his first kiss girl at the past that brought him to the past. Ghost 2 was his own secretary at the present that also brought him to what happen in the present. And the last, ghost 3 brought her to the future.

See? They had the same plot but different story. One movie is for a kids so there’ll be no romance and the other is a romantic movie. The Barbie has been played on television and the other one is still a new release.

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