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Naming Lifeless Being

Like Maria Popova says here that naming a thing is to acknowledge its existence as separate from everything else that has a name. She is talking about moss on that article but I aint gonna talk about that.

For someone, every thing he/she's doing reflects how he/she really are. Some time back in the past, I would ask my friend to take Minho off the table and give it to me. She's puzzled and asked, 'Minho?' 'Yeah, Minho, my phone.'. She stared at me like I talked in alien language and yet she retrieved the phone to me. 'Who name phone after her favorite idol, except you, Ngie!' 

I remember I am pretty comfortable to let her know, or anyone in my peer group, that I give name to my cellphone. It is because at that moment, I like that idol with the same name and also I really value my cellphone that only a week-old. I know that my friends understand.

These days, we rarely appreciate things because it's not common in our society to give name to lifeless thing. We see them like a lunatic. Society won't understand. 

Society put so many pressure on anyone who shows distinct character. Actually, you can do whatever you want as long as you don't violate others.

Putting value into a matter, whether it's your belongings or wild flowers that you have in the backyard, it gives you lesson on how to appreciate other. You learn to appreciate lifeless being, you learn to be empathetic, you learn to love. 

You want to do something? Go do your thing.
You want to name your precious car after a book character that you love, go do it, son.

You put any value on everything you own, that's amazing. It means that you appreciate them and you care about it and you won't do any damage to them. A friend of mine said she grows up believing that no matter how much money you pay for something, she would value it no matter what.

It also musters your ability to be empathetic. Nowaday, we need a little bit more of empathy. We can't achieve insant world peace but at least we do our part to contribute of it. 

Now, do you name your gadget? If yes, what name do you choose? 

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