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Be A Parisian

Parisian beauty will always make me envy. Not the kind of -bad- envy but just -pure- envy. How do they manage to eat salad, little meat, and glasses of wine daily and not craving for anything else?

The fact that the Parisian women look like they just throw anything to wear but still manage to look elegant baffle me.

They have it inside them: overflowing chic aura and confidence.

And that is exactly what I want to achieve.

I read the book of How to be Parisian once in the past. They're obsessed with weight, so every morning they'd weigh themselves. If they do weigh more, there's this thing whirring on their brain and they would stop themselves to eat much. Aside from calorie intake, they like to move their body. They walk everywhere. Go to office? Walk for 15 mins. Lunch? Munch on some salad and go walk for another 15 mins. Dinner? Throw some raw meat with extra kale and wine.

Repeat every day.

That's why they don't really gain weight. And it seems like we can do that too. Eat proportionally and move around.

I think it has something to do with self-appreciation. When they look at the mirror and they like what they're seeing, it boosts their confident. And that's how it works. Self-worth and self-appreciation. You know the term first impression always wins? They respect themselves so that they would do anything for that.

It's like you find someone who's passionate to do their thing, they have goals to achieve, they follow rules and stick to it. Individuality is praised and appreciated. They gain confidence and do their passion diligently.

I don't mind if I need to walk 2-3 hours a day 'if' I live in Paris. Look at the building, street, or even regular neighborhood. It's like paintings!

I see that the Parisian women tend to bring usual cloth to the next level. Like white tee paired with high-waist jeans, voila, the whole style become sophisticated. On top of that, even their bed hair look on point.

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I admire them and their style aspire me. I went on thrift haul last week, I've planned it for a week before. I could always find something similar to my style that is affordable. Fyi, half of my closet was from thrift haul.

See you soon!

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