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Good Timing Album by B1A4

If you have so much times in your hand but not sure what you should listen to kill the time, I suggest you to check out the entire discography Good Timing by B1A4.

If I have to say, this group reminds me a lot of SHINee. Their attires, members, and the concept. But I indeed enjoy the songs, what more could I say?

B1A4 released their latest album, Good Timing, on November 2016. At first,I only listened to the their title track, A Lie. I aint interested in listening to other 11 tracks because simply I dont want to. Until today. Like the title track, the other 11 tracks carry the same breezy tone. K-pop songs usually highlight the straining high-pitch voice and crazy beats in the background. It's kinda impossible to find that pattern in this album. I'm extremely satisfied. It is suitable for my mood these days.
It is what matters, right? Listen to the music that sings your inside tunes. 

I'm glad my mood kinda elated, it leads me to easy breezy songs. And I find it on Good Timing Album.
Watch the title track MV here.

For me, I like the color schemes; deep green, open space, warm brown tone, and a lot of breeze. Fall aesthetic is strong in this one <3 p="">And you can listen to the tracks here! You can buy 'em on itunes.
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