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I have this urge to search for new songs these days. I can easily look at 8tracks but when I downloaded it months ago, it said it's only available in USA and Canada (if I'm not  mistaken). It's so easy to find new tracks based on title and ambience on 8tracks. But I cant play it anymore :( Do you guys know how to use it?
So, I visit Youtube instead. There's this user MOSTLY STRINGS compiles acoustic songs and it suits the rainy weather. I find a familiar song from Kodaline called High Hopes. I really really love it, from the first time I listen to the song back months ago. Then, I stop and listen to the end. Mindlessly, I scroll to the comment section. I see several account commenting the same thing: "I feel better after listening to this", and "My depression became a little bit better after listening to the song".
Then, I was like ????? What happened? I feel the exact same like them. Like everything started to be brighter. At the time I listened to the song, I feel like it reached me to the past and untie the rough bundle and left me breathless. It's like I met my old friend and it's great to seem 'em again. They help me to untie the knot that I didnt know it's there.  I even didnt know I could feel that way. Like I started to breathe easier, the sun shone a little brighter, my brain expanded.

Have I been depressed? Nah.
Do I notice that I might get depression but I pretend I didnt? Mmm..
Do you lie to yourself often? Hngg.
What do I feel now? I feel like I want to hide myself in the corner and shy away from spotlight.

Listen to the entire MOSTLY STRINGS playlist and you'll find a little bit of myself there.

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