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I'm not much a talker. I talk a lot with my mother but usually babbling stuff instead of talk. She's busy with her gadget all the time. (I write but I still leave most of my voice inside my head instead of writing it down. My worries, my imagination. Either I'm too lazy or it's too precious to be shared. I sometimes wonder why do I set up a blog if I dont want to share anything here; a bit of myself to this blog.)
I talk with my fellow friends, my girls. We hold convo on group chat and we can do it for a day or two. Then, poof. Not that I complain. The thing is, for me, it's kinda a turn-off when I talk to someone but I dont get the vibe.
What about you? Did you find someone worth your time? Does talking to them relieve your stress? No, I haven't find him. I'm too busy at home, ogling to oppa's video, and reading too many books.
How I wish to find that person out of the books I read. I like Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices series. You know, the one that Cassandra Clare writes. You should check out the books. Jem Carstairs is a gentleman by birth and his musical ability is greatttt. I love him. Too bad, I cant take him out from the book to this real world. Should I do perimeter check?

Lee Hi - Breath 
Taylor Swift - Back to December
Taeyeon - Secret
Alessia Cara - Here
Adele - All I Ask
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine
BTS - Butterfly

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