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To All the Boys I've Loved Before Review

So far, I enjoy this book. The character is Korean-like cliche where the girl is between 2 boys. It's funny because the girl is said to be half Korean. But nah, the teenager story, if not always, involve triangle story tho.
So, Lara Jean has this habit to write love story to the guys she fell in love. Or maybe, crush, I might say. She pours her heart out to write letter that she'll never sent. Her main reason is because she just need to do catharsis. That word is related to psychology major in which I took in college. So, I understand that 'need' to vent. The tragedy happened when those supposed-to-be-buried-forever letter got sent. Lara Jean makes sure she saved her letter in secret place but um, it got sent out. The problem is that she wrote one letter to the guy who dated her elder sister. Although it's technically ex-boyfriend, but nonetheless her sister once loved him. Or maybe she still does?
I know Lara Jean has this romantic love story in imagination. Well, who doesnt? She romantizes love story in books and movies, but when it happens in her real life, she backs out. She freezes and avoids it at all cost. Sounds familiar. Hm.
It might entertain you who loves teenage love story and need something light to read. I simply smirk when the conflict happen in this book but the writer decided that the reader should provide the ending by themselves. If you dont like cliffhanger ending, maybe you shouldnt read this.
This book suits well with winter-end weather. Although this story take place in autumn but yeah. If I were to put color for the book, I'd choose peach. Because Lara Jean is so feminine, she loves flower printed dress with a touch of vintage feel. I like it too  but it doesnt suit me well. Most of my clothes are grey/navy blue/black. Well, anyway I'm happy that Peter Kavinsky is able to read Lara Jean so easily. Josh doesnt count because he practically grow up along with her but doesnt reciprocate her feelings. I agree that Lara Jean should be brave and broaden her horizon. I like it that Lara Jean can cook. She's great in baking. I want to try bake too! 

I hope Lara Jean finds her calling and listen to her heart.

Adele - All I Ask
Kodaline - All I Want
Fall Out Boy - Centuries
Drake - Marvins Room
Jan A.P. Kaczmarek - Under The Fence

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