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First, Interstellar (Kakao Talk Special Event Prize)

I was wondering if I got to see Interstellar on movie theatre before the screening ended.
No, I didn’t read the synopsis. Nor did my friend tell me the story after they actually watched the movie. No I hate spoiler. I read that many people ‘interested’ in seeing the movie. They not so subtly hinted in their tweets or on askfm (I’m a lil addicted to this socmed lately, cool people FTW). So, last Sunday I went with my mother to see Interstellar. Wooohoooo.
Thanks to Kakao Talk Special Event. I went to their booth one day earlier and won the games. I got 20 tickets to watch movie in Cineplex XXI/21. Actually Prisil, she actually came to Semarang to hang out only because she actually lived in Pati, won the prize. I got 3 darts to throw. 2 failed (thrown by me) and 1 succeed!!!!! I didn’t see it coming really. Ugh, I was so bad in dart & board. I handed the last dart reluctantly to her but she actually won the prize! I hugged her. She refused to have some of the free tickets because she didn’t live in Semarang and they didn’t have movie theatre back in her hometown. Small town, you know. She eyed my onion doll from Kakao Talk I got earlier. Nope, being a sucker-for-cute-thing myself, I turned her down. Sorry, sistah. Well, she politely took away her eyes from the doll.
Then I wondered, how could I use these tickets in just one week? Yep, it’s expired in 7 days.
I quickly persuaded mother to go see Interstellar with me in the following day. Mother wasn’t the type to go see movie in theatre just because she liked it. She probably took trip to movie theatre once a year. I guess she didn’t like to spend some money on it. She preferred to watch in her laptop. Well, who didn’t? Pffft. But in rare occasion, she did accompany me to see movie. Harry Potter 7 part II, she went with me simply because I asked her to and she ended spending some time to sleep in her seat. This year, we went to see SOEKARNO, yep because I asked her to watch it together and she did have interested in the movie. Fyi, we’re alone standing when the National Anthem being played in the beginning of the movie. Funny story. And a pathetic one.
Interstellar, outer space movie. With a bit much drama, like my Aunt said. Well. I didn’t expect it to be good or bad. People before me coming out from the theatre and grumbled how boring the movie was. I almost bawl my eyes out. Hehe. Figuratively. Because, really, I hate spoiler. It affected my mood. But the movie turned out to be great! Inspiring, as my mother wrote it on her Facebook wall. Haha. Cooper, not disown his passion, granted Professor Brand (great physicist in of NASA) to pilot outer-space plane. They’re in mission to seek for brand new planet to stay because Earth was decaying and the its people were in danger. He did it for his kids too. His first son let his father go while the youngest didn’t. Letting go your loved ones is incredibly hard thing to do. Plus, there’s no guarantee their father would come back. It’s basically a suicide, the mission. Going through the worm hole, visiting other parallel dimension, searching for suitable planet, even coming across the unsuitable planet (where you might die). I applauded Nolan’s imagination for the movie story. I didn’t really understand the terms they used in the movie. It’s totally scientific and all. But nevertheless, the movie didn’t make me bored or sleepy or anything like that. I jumped from my seat; I had teary-eyes; I even subtly cursed. 
I also kinda giggled inside my heart because the youngster seated beside me was cute. Hahaha. He cried on particular scene. Sure, I know it’s touching but it didn’t make me cry but he did cry. HAHAHAHA. I found it cute. Then, I was fidgeting in my seat, pinching my lower lips in panic on some scenes, worrying if it turned out bad. When the youngster beside me bit his finger loud. I didn’t even know you could bit your finger that loud.  You know, how you tend to see other’s reaction when they watch movie? You guys did that too, right? 
Well, whatever.
Anyhow, I smiled towards the end of the movie. Mother complained she didn’t know what actually happened after the last scene. “Just picture it inside your head, Mom.”
I’m sure some great movies leave the audience imagine what actually happen in the ‘end’. The director hands on the batch to the audience and finally end it by ourselves. We can leave it hanging like in the movie and you accept that ‘Ah it ends like that’. Or maybe you can think some scenario what happen next.
I favor the movie who doesn’t obviously flaunt the message of the story. I despise the opposite. Be it blatantly showed on the conversation between the characters in the movie or the flying texts after the last scene. It spoils the fun. You gotta think and understand. You can get more than hundred messages based on only one movie. 
What do I learn from this movie? 
  1. Don’t promise anything
  2. You always have a choice
  3. Love is the one thing that transcends time and space (I literally snorted aloud on this scene, but heck yeah I thought it might be right)
  4. Don’t trust the guy you just wake in sleeping tank full with water in other planet
  5. Small character dies faster than the main one, it’s as fast as the ocean can engulf you even before you blink an eye
  6. Please watch the movie, it’s just that amazing!

Whats next? ~.^

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