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Friday afternoon. I leisurely opened my askfm home and scrolled through a bunch of interesting answers. Some witty answers for stupid question; some pretty Halloween-themed pictures; and there was this link among them. I didn’t think twice and I read it after 5-10 minutes.
It was so hard for me to continue reading because it’s just that scary. Terrible. Horrible. The song ‘where is the love’ was subtly swimming in my head and I realized how heartbroken I was at that moment. I followed certain account on my twitter and sometimes that twitter acc retweeted tweets about ‘Faith in Humanity Restored’ (or you can see it here). I didn’t know why but reading those tweets in my timeline gave this warm feeling and I enjoyed it much. But then reading this post about the young girl, aged 16 who had been dreaming to be a photographer and all that, being raped and ripped away from her dreams made me wonder ‘where is the (real) humanity then?’. 
Maybe it’s just one tiny fragment of rape cases in this country, even in the whole world. And yet I couldn’t control myself after reading this one case, let alone knowing the danger is around us every day, every hour, every second. I say to feed our younger generation to protect themselves is important. Lead them away from sex-and-all-that-thing information doesn’t do them well. Prevention such as guarding our kids 24/7, giving them sufficient sexual education, making them learn about self-protection is important. Oh, and this so called ‘Revolusi Mental’ idea from the current President? People shouldn’t underestimate the idea. 

Too many irrational people around these days.

And differentiate between right and wrong seem to be hard thing to do.

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