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Govern The Mind

Something’s not right. I was repeatedly imagining Korean words in the journey to Semarang from Solo last Friday. Why? My brain wouldn’t easily shut up by itself. It continually showed series of Korean words I’ve known. Like you know, how the mad scientist in Beautiful Mind obsessed with numbers and kind of equation.
After that I realized that… My English got rotten, deteriorated. I no longer could use idioms cause I’ve forgotten about all that. Yeah, I gained a series of new Korean but I lost my English.
Even the paragraph above seemed weird to me, the writing I mean.
Although I’m still able to read movie with English subtitle unobstructed but it’s hard for me to write in English well.
So, since there’ll be 3 days-off (plus Sunday) I’ll try to learn by reading Deception Point (Dan Brown). I already started to read it years ago but I haven’t finished it yet. Even though it’ll be hard but I’ll try. It won’t hurt, anyway.
Lately, I’ve been abandoning books. I’m busy watching Korean variety shows in my leisure time, which are so entertaining but rotting my mind *nod eagerly*. Also I grow tired only watching videos all the time.

SNSD – Talk to Me (Coffee Caramel)
SNSD - Etude
SNSD Taetiseo – Oh My God
EXO-K – Angel
EXO-K – What is Love
SHINee – Your Name
CN Blue – I Will Forget You
Wonder Girls – Girls, Girls

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