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classical music mini concert

I went to a little concert this evening. One band show, it’s only 1,5 hour. One institution all about Dutch (in Semarang), Widya Mitra, held this show for free. No wonder the singers were also from Dutch. They said this group paralyzed people back at Dutch when they performed. Hihi, it must be great.
De Drie Baritons, is a group consist of 3 men from Dutch. They have voice like the singer in opera show (baritone, yes?). You know, the one with overwhelming velvet voice :P Despite of my blindness to the songs, I quite enjoy it. No, quite was an understatement. I did enjoy the show. Thumb up! I never watch any singer, opera singer, singing live. I was bulging my eyes when they sang the opening song. Hahaha, they’re all great. They also had funny stage act. Even the kid in front of me enjoyed the show. Children are likely not into opera song, right? From the beginning, she sat still. She even propped her chin up at first (like people who had no interest in certain show before her). But in the middle of the show she swayed along the song. Cool.
One of the men said that usually at formal concert, the audience was forbidden to use their phone. Otherwise, he encouraged us to use our mobile phone. ‘Just put it on, to make movies, make us famous!’ he joked. He’s indeed the joker. He made us laugh big time.
 Out of 15 songs, I only knew Sway (Michael Buble) and To all the Girls (Julio Iglesias). And yet I grew to like Perhaps Love and one song about ‘try to do better’, I didn’t know the title. The rest? No, I couldn’t know a thing because the songs were in Dutch and Vienna’s language. But they could make me melt by their performance.
Thanks to Widya Mitra to make this event. And also Lawang Semu, it’s even more exotic at night (plus the nice lightings).
Hope they’ll make this event more often in the future.

Btw, talking about music concert, there’ll be SS4 in Indonesia last April. It’s Super Junior concert, it’s a group band from Korea who has conquered many fangirls in (almost) every country. I like them fine but I don’t make effort to get a chance watching their concert. Have fun for you who will be there! 

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