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It’s been three episodes since SNSD’s new variety show began. Dangerous Boys, it’s called. The girls help 5 boys who are likely to have the bleakest future. Boy 1, he is lazy ass who loves making excuses. Boy 2, he drops out from school because he doesn’t see any benefit from it, his parents abandon him when he needs them the most, but he admits he has the will to change. Boy 3, he doesn’t have interest in school, he almost fails in every lessons, that’s because he put his interest in music, he’s a potential rapper Boy 4, he prefers to smoke and hangs out with his friends to go to school, he steals from mini market, he drinks alcohol every day, his dream is to sleep. Boy 5, he likes to bail and does whatever he wants, if he doesn’t feel like to do something (like go to school) he doesn’t do that, he appears for once in a month, but he has a dream to be a singer. 
SNSD appears to be their favorite girls, so they gave the girls a task to change the boys.
In 3rd episode, there’s this ‘Art Therapy’ corner. They should draw a person and their parents. By looking at the results, it’s all there: thoughts, personality, feelings. I feel like really want to hug these guys. They’re seriously damaged. Well, the term dangerous in title Dangerous Boys itself is describing how the boys’ future is in danger. If I’m one of the mentor, since the mentor is the SNSD whom they really like, I’ll give them rewards for doing any improvement. I know they’re not babies anymore but I think reward and punishment will do well for developing any habit/behavior. These guys don’t know how to make themselves great or at least better. There has to be someone by their side to help them, to warn and encourage them. Their parents are so soft-hearted so that the boys don’t get any strict treatment to make them change. They need guidance for that. They’ll gradually change, until the point where they’ll do well without anyone push them but themselves. 
I’m sure there so many youngsters out there who desperately need guidance. I want to help them all, if I could. Youngsters are so potential to keep. They’re our future, right?

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