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Haiiii, I’m in the 2nd week of holiday. On my last post, I went to WBL, right? With my friends. Yesterday, in Chinese New Year, I went to Wonosobo and Dieng. Wonosobo is a small city with lower temperature than my hometown. I arrived there in 1 PM. I napped a little and played in its gathering place, alun-alun in the evening. Look, it’s already covered in haze. You can see only the tree in the middle, while the other trees just vaguely seen. Love it!

I stayed in hotel near alun-alun, Hotel Arjuna. The building was old. From the floor, wall, and the bathroom. All of them had a touch of ‘old’. Just imagine it yourself :p Although it’s colder than my place, I could sleep soundly. The problem is on the next place, Dieng. Anyway, I only went alun-alun in Wonosobo. I walked around a little and found other ‘old’  buildings. The government buildings I found also have taste of old, really. Since I’m vintage lover (almost every vintage thing), I found this city interesting. I wonder if they have mall, hehe, okay maybe I’ll have another visit to Wonosobo and explore the city. I only had limited time there cause in the next day I should be at Dieng.

Dieng, not long before current time, there’s a danger announcement here. One of my friends asked me whether it was safe to visit there this time around. I’m not clearly understand why it happened, danger announcement I mean. After I dropped off from the bus, yeah the colder wind swept my face. It’s more than 2300 m above the ocean. Chill, chill. I found decent home stay and decided to stay there, Home Stay Flamboyan. I saw many home stays around the place. Really, I even thought if they made all houses around the tourist sites became home stays. It’s my first visit in Dieng. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. I usually saw big buildings and many modern sites back at my hometown, but not here. It’s all about ‘green’, comforting my eyes. The weather was really nice either; I could feel my lungs refreshed. After unloading my luggage, I went to Candi Arjuna. There’s not only Candi Arjuna but Candi Puntadewa, Srikandi, and the others as well. I didn’t take many shots here. Although I happened to find many kinds of pretty flowers there but I didn’t get to take a picture.

…and the other pretty flowers you can see it yourself in Dieng.
Then I found  a dandelion. I was interested in this ‘plant’. Is it what you supposed to call it? Plant, or flower? Anyway, I couldn’t resist not to take the dandelion. Lucky, I found the complete one. Ah, I remember what Seohyun once said about love, she made metaphor, about differentiate ‘love someone’ and ’like someone’, out of dandelion.
“Liking someone… like when a dandelion seed is on the ground and it’s a soft and good feeling. While love is that same seed is in the ground is growing and sprouting. A dandelion seed can always be spotted and always can just fly away. But for that flower to grow, you need to pour on some water, block it from the wind and it becomes very precious.”
Anyway, it’s just a short intermezzo about dandelion.
The next day, I went to Telaga Warna, Telaga Pengilon, Goa Semar (and other Goa there), and Kawah Sikidang.
Telaga Tiga Warna
Kawah Sikidang
I’ll be delighted if I have another chance to go here again. Or maybe the other countryside, I’d be glad to go. I need to go to many places cause I think I don’t go anywhere much.
Cao! Happy Chinese New Year! Have another blast year!

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