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It's saturday night here and it's... plain, monotone. I was sick last saturday so I lolled on the bed all night, dont care about it being satnite.
I plan to watch some movies. Here's the options:
1) korean horror: February 29
2) classic: Becoming Jane
3) India: Ghajini
4) thriller: The Reaping
See, I pretty much like any genres.
What should I choose? Well, maybe I'll take them all. It's still 4.30 pm, anyway.
Oh! How can I forget the snacks!? I have many kinds of syrup in my dining room. Food... umm, maybe I've to go somewhere, pick up some siomay, spaghetti, or I can drop by at minimarket for snacks. Hmm.
But I'd likely to go nowhere and get myself coffee and noodles, kekeke.

see ya

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