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New Season

Like it’s only yesterday I came home full sweaty and went directly to the room with AC just to chill me up while taking a nap. These days, I am barely in sweat cause it rains almost every afternoon. Like today, I was coming home early from school. I didn’t have a lot to do at school, except taking pictures with my fellas in psikojurnalistik, so I came home before noon. And I finished watching Cyrano Agency (movie) and Prime (movie). It’s probably 2 PM when suddenly the sky went dark. I thought to myself, ‘What? Is it almost 5 already?’ but when I checked out its only 2 PM. Wah, most likely it’s gonna rain. Hard. And in an hour the rain started. It’s started from drizzling and became heavy till 5 PM. Even though I didn’t turn on the fan, my room was chill enough. My room is usually easy to get ‘warm’. I was almost baked in summer nights. No, kidding, but really it’s so hot.
Usually I like cold more than heat. I used to get myself drenched from walking home from school under the rain. I liked it, walking under the rain. Of course I washed myself up after so that I wouldn’t catch a cold (but usually I got more severe illness than just cold >> typhoid γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹) . I don’t know, because after playing under the rain I didn’t feel like eating after that. So I skipped dinner. That affected my digestion and immune system.
But now it’s different. It’s only 6.30 PM here but I already had 3 meals. Not to mention eating snacks. I got easily hungry from this cold weather. And I’m not the type to exercise often so the meal would become… fat. Yeah, F-A-T. I need to work out if I don’t want to end up any chubbier.
I hope anyone won’t catch cold in this season. I already got sore throat few days ago and now I get running nose, bleh. Sucks.

PS. I want Dunkin’s Iced Cappuccino :3

Recommendation book: Abandon by Meg Cabot

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