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I found it somewhere in tumblr, most likely it’s from lovequotesrus.tumblr.com

How to Have a Lovely Day (with my comments on every point)
1.     1.  Smile at strangers
I often caught myself smiling to elders on the street even though I don’t personally know them. Knowing that at least one youngster respect for the elders might be a treasure for them, the elders I mean. I always feel like smiling to every elders who meet me in the eyes, don’t know why.
2.      2. Slow down
Like CN Blue says in their new song, Man in front of the Mirror, ‘Hey listen, guys, look in the mirror, we have to slow down because we have enough time’. Good song, great album (CN Blue – 392)
3.      3. Say thank you
Express your gratitude even over a littlest thing.
4.      4. Give lots of compliments
A simple compliment can brighten someone else’s day, you’ll never know.
5.     5.  Dress nicely
You can’t deny the power of first impression.
6.     6.  Wear perfume
Smells can alter and influence our moods and behaviors – Google.
7.     7.  Observe and listen
World doesn’t always revolve around you, there are so much things you need to learn from other people.
8.     8.  Be charming
Everyone has their own charm, just be the way you truly are.
9.     9.  Laugh
100-200 laugh a day equal to 10 minutes jogging – health-weekly.blogspot.com
1010.  Wish people a lovely day
Have you ever heard about ‘Pay it Forward’? You start off by wishing on random people you met then maybe you might get it back in the future from somebody else.

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