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It rained last night!!!!
Why did I sound so joyful about that? Well, it’s been boiling hot every other day since this month started. I still recalled the day when it’s so bloody hot, it’s two days before Eid Day. I felt like wanna jump in the refrigerator for that. Then the hot days kept coming the following days. We haven’t tasted rain for like… a decade? HA-HA overstatement but sure the picture of rainy day was far away on December or January. And the days after that, it’s totally full of package of hot days like the instant noodle I ate earlier this afternoon, right served from the pan. And yet for this morning, crisp chilling morning, the weather was great. Gladly, I didn’t have any class for today and just be at home a whole day. Yahoo.
But our kitchen had a little flood because of the rain TT the piped has been clogged up somewhere for a few weeks already.

Anyhow, I hope the rain last night was only an opening stage for the next rain on the days ahead. 

PS: I saw the info last week on tv program. I really want to watch A Dangerous Method. What makes me interested? It's Keira's new movie and also it's about Freud and Jung and some girl between them. Maybe the psychology thing isnt the main story but still it looks promising :)

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