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I had lot of fun today with my old friends
Nana, Betty, Fitri, and me. We met in junior high and we became bestfriends since then. We shared a certain group back then, it consisted of 8 people. too bad we didnt take much picture. it would be nice if I have a whole group picture.
We, 8 of us, went to same class, 2C. Yeah, we met in the most enjoying year of junior high and apparently our class was one of the most disastrous (kekeke~). I usually read about one class consisted of bad guys, and in my sophomore year, I experienced it myself.
It's fun, though. 
We had the lowest average grades in 8th grade. Teacher tend to get angry a lot in my class. Once in religion slot,  almost all pupils ditched. Some girls permitted to go to bathroom, the rest jumped out of window.
Yeah, we DID jump out of window and bail out. Kekekekeke~ naughty.
But I didnt remember if I was one of the girls who permitted to go to bathroom or the other way.
Another crazy thing was that we had the KINDEST teacher in teacher's room, he never gets angry. Even he GOT angry in handling my class. You know, the type of teacher who only said, "Students, silent please.." when the class is in total chaos. He never gets angry in entire his history as a teacher. He once spotted one of my friend reading comic under table and snatched it right away. Then we tried to get it back, cause it's from rental comic book. He just stared at us, and walked slowly to the pond and threw it away to the pond. 
Darn it. We just could stand there motionless with opened mouth.
Angry teacher is angry.

We talked a lot during our lunch time. Four of us went to Bee's at CL after we went karaoke for 2 hours straight. It seemed I sang a lot. And yet we sang any kinds of songs. From dangdut koplo, Spice Girls, Rihanna, Westlife, Avril Lavigne, Waljinah, Desy Ratnasari, Nike Ardilla. Kekekkekeke. Crazy girls are crazy. 
Yes indeed we talked about our sophomore year, completed with our hard times when we're divided into 2 because apparently one or two of us trying to split us up. I couldnt remember clearly about that.
Oh, I was clearly distracted with other things. My sophomore year..

After lunch, I went to bookstore and the others followed me. Next we went to Imlek show at 1st floor, last year Betty went to this fortune teller near Imlek stage in CL. This year, there was this fortune teller too. It's for free. Obviously, many people in line. We took 4 numbers for each of us. In the end only Betty got in. Kekekeke. Since it's already late and the fortune teller started to loose his focus. Next we headed home. Fitri rode me home savely. Thanks, Fit!

Oh, thanks to all of you for this gathering. I had so much fun. We must do it often, though ^^

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