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Chapter Update

Sowoneul malhaebwa~~
Yahooooo, I got new handphone last year. I mean, really last last year. Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. And I named it, Minho ^~^

My friends gave me a dirty look when I told them his name. ALL OF THEM. Okay, that’s fine.
Why did I name him Minho? Cause the wallpaper is always his photo so I named him Minho. I changed every day but always his photo. I dont have any date so I pretend he's my date. kekekekeke~ 

Anyway, it has 3,15 MP camera (without flash and autofocus, unfortunately). Then capacitive screen without keyboard. And it’s light as a feather. Ups, not exactly like a leather but it’s light, only 104 gr. Light, isn’t it? I choose dark blue for the color. But actually the 'dark blue' isnt all over the phone, only in the back. However, I liked it though. I dont really like white, it's easily get dirty.

Here's the shots I took with Minho...
My Mom I made her to sit there when we went to beach last week, kekekeke~ it didnt smell, though.
Ratri took it. Kekekeke~ We both wore her shoes. I still couldnt compete with Novi's height. Tsk.

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